Tweak Your Mindset, Tweak Your Future

Tweak Your Mindset, Tweak Your Future

About a month ago I bought a car for the first time in about 3 years. Being more of a motorcycle / Uber / walking person I have not the greatest interest in a personal car. What surprised me though was, that once I got my black MINI Cooper S convertible I noticed that this must be one of the most bought vehicles on the island. Every time I drive from A to B I can count at least 10 MINIs and guess what, now I'm also helping to re-launch the Hawaii Mini Motoring Club (Join Us).

The reason I'm writing about this is not because I believe that you might have noticed something similar in an area of your life. This phenomenon is called the "Confirmation Bias" and it affects us mostly on a subconscious level. The great thing about it is, that we have the opportunity to consciously influence what our brains pick up while being on autopilot.

What you focus on expands!

What does it have to do with investments?
If you keep reading about real estate investment strategies, join a local investor community and actively start looking deals you will realize that your brain suddenly starts picking up on related topics, opportunities and other people who you might want to bring into your network. There is a reason for the bestseller "Think and Grow Rich" to put an emphasis on getting into the right mindset. You have the power to consciously train your brain what to look out for!  

Where do I start?
Because thinking big takes just as much time as thinking small I believe that it is important to set yourself up with the right mindset before you start investing. In order to do that, I want you to focus on the answer to one single question:

What's your Motivation?

What is your big WHY? Is it perhaps the desire to be free, to have more choices or self actualization? At this stage it's more about the big goals and you don't need to quantify your aspirations just yet (we'll get to that in another post). A quick tip to prime your brain for success; when thinking about your goals, stop thinking "I want to..." and start thinking "I have to..." or "I will..."
Here are my current goals (and these can change with time):

  1. I am going to live life at the highest level
  2. I will learn, apply and teach financial and business wisdom
  3. I will explore the world

What's your answer? I'm curious to hear about it. Feel free to write it in the comments below!

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