Let's get started!

Let's get started!

Have you ever heard of John Jacob Astor?

He was a German immigrant who came to New York in the late 18th century. Throughout his life he was a merchant, businessman, investor and fur trader. What really inspired me though, was that through his real estate investments he became known for being the first multi-millionaire businessman in the United States.

Coming from a heavy startup and technology background filled with a world of "Unicorns" and billion dollar acquisitions, it feels as if like we millennials tend to ignore more traditional forms of wealth building such as the investment in real estate.

Another factor contributing to the lack of knowledge in this field was perhaps the instant gratification environment that we are surrounded by on a daily basis. Real estate takes time and it's a long term game. If you are looking for a "Get Rich Quick" solution you will most likely be disappointed.

There were three reasons why I personally decided to get into the real estate industry:

  1. To start a software company within the industry
  2. To hone my salesmanship skills
  3. To learn about the industry for personal investment purposes

This blog mainly focuses on the latter and as I'm learning about models, strategies and market data, I'd like to publish my notes and see how I could apply them to the Hawaiian real estate market. I'm also looking forward to invite industry veterans from all areas to contribute to this blog.

Hawaii is probably not the easiest market to start with investing but that sounds to me more like a fun challenge than anything else! My goal is to build wealth through real estate investments in Hawaii (hence 808 Estate).

I hope some articles here will catch your interest and you will find something valuable here.

I apologize in advance for anomalies in grammar and syntax, just keep in mind that english is my 3rd language and read on ;)

Combining experience in renewable energy and real estate, I strive to deliver innovative and creative solutions to common problems in the industry.

Whether you're looking to buy and sell your investment properties or start the next solution in real estate technology, I want to hear from you.